‘‘Still awesome’’


What are your usual gains when you are sponsoring students, besides good will? Logo in student overall? Increased sales for short time? Did you get an invitation to have a dinner with an astronaut and city mayor? …wait! What! Well yea, that is an example what we offered for our nice sponsors this year, but it is not the main thing!

We offer you a chance to meet some of the brightest students in Joensuu, so you keep track of their working attitude and hire them for your company before anyone else catch them!

We are teaching these students skills that no other course can offer, because we want to speed up your R&D with skillful students, which will help Joensuu area to flourish. Eventually it will make more and more skillful people to work in this area. Moreover, if you do not need new staff, you will probably want to train your current one, so they can be the backbone of your company also in the future! By joining us, we are offering this course for your employees so they can learn the same skills that our students are learning!

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