Challenges for the next course will be published on the kickoff week.

Here are some of the previous challenges:

1.  Recycling food production system for Mars.

– Mars Habitat
– No nutrients
– Plenty of energy

Goal: Design a system that
– Produces food
– Recycles water and nutrients
– Is robust
– Has high redundancy

2. Multi-Functional Service Facilities

– Mars base
– Long-duration space travel
– Earth:
– Market Square
– Student housing

Goal: Design a multi-functional service facility that
– Maximizes the diversity of available services
– Uses very limited space


3. Mars Habitat Experience

– Epic Challenge Joensuu
– UEF or Karelia campus

Goal: Design a system that
– Allows students to experience and learn about living and working in a Mars    habitat for up to 48  hours
– Makes it possible to conduct experiments and record data
– Quick assemble and disasseble
– Fits inside a 4m*6m*2.45m room
– Min for 4 persons

4. Psychological and Social Health Detection System

-Mars base
– Long-distance space travel

Goal: Design a detection system that
 – Informs astronauts and Earth about astronauts psychological and social               health
– Suggests reasons for anxiety and stress