‘‘Time for Awesome’’


Kick-off Week

04.09.2018 - 06.09.2018 | klo 16:00 | Joensuu Science Park, Building 1, Room B178

Next Epic Challenge course starts on the first week of September. On the first week we will go through the course structure and learn the basics of all the essential skills needed on this course, while solving different kind of problems. Student teams will be formed during the kick-off week based on their own interest and skills. On this course you will learn to use the problem solving method developed by astronaut Dr. Charles Camarda.
Welcome to join for the kick-off week, coffee and some small snacks are provided during the evening.


17.05.2018 - 18.05.2018 | klo 09:00 | Joensuu Areena

The SciFest is an international yearly festival of science, environment and technology. The festival brings together educators and students from primary school to high school, but everyone interested in these themes is welcome. The goal is to make science fun, accessible and engaging.

This year the theme of the festival will be “Science goes Arts”. See you there!

Epic Challenge Showroom

Our Epic Challenge teams will be sharing their ideas at SciFest 17.5-18.5 at Joensuu Areena. We will be there to tell more about the Epic Challenge, space and science related topics.

More info: http://www.scifest.fi/