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New course! New Structure! For this school year, we have renewed the program based on the student feedback! Epic Challenge is more fun, with more prototyping, building and testing while still learning all the essential skills needed in your future! In Epic Challenge, students learn how to solve complex problems creatively by using the problem solving method created by NASA astronaut Dr. Charles Camarda. Next course starts on March 17, 2020 Link for Slack Tim Kopra’s Greetings to Finland from the International Space Station   Schedule The Epic Challenge program is implemented as a two-course program with 15 ECTS points:
  • 5 ECTS course: Orientation to Innovation - Epic Challenge
  • 10 ECTS course: Advances Studies in Innovation - Epic Challenge
    The 5 ECTS course has no prerequisites and students from all fields of study at every level can join it. To join the 10 ECTS course the only requirement is to complete the 5 ECTS course. By the end of the program all teams will have a functioning prototype as a possible solution to one of the challenges for Sustaining Human on Mars. Moreover, the learned innovative problem solving skills will allow students to grow into multidisciplinary professionals that are desired as a future workforce with potential to solve more problems on Earth as well. Epic challenges are problems that are very complex by nature due to many interacting elements within. Therefore, to be solved they require expertise from not one specific field but rather many. They are very important for the world/nation/company and they have limited time to be solved but their final solution is not known in advance. Therefore, these epic challenges become a motivational force for a large audience ‘Sustaining Humans on Mars’ provides the inspiration and motivation to sustain learning while pursuing solutions to real, complex problems and stretching our design space to serve such an extreme environment, Mars. In this context learning of innovative problem-solving skills become meaningful and practical. As a result, students become multidisciplinary professionals with potential to solve problems on Mars - but more importantly, problems on Earth as well! #epiccourse

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