Become a part of something epic!


Would your company or organization want to be part of the upcoming Epic Challenge hackathon? This time the theme of the hackathon is the improvement of rescue operations during forest fires. The hackathon will be organized during three afternoons during 4.-8.11.2021.

What are the benefits of participation? The main benefits of participation are:

1. Your technology will be studied as a part of a potential solution concepts developed by the hackathon participants.

2. You have a chance to highlight the career opportunities to the 20 talent students who are participating in to the workshop.

What is required from us? In order to be part of the hackathon, there are few things that are required from you.

1. You prepare a maximum 10 min presentation of your company and technology.

2. You create poster that presents your company and detailed factual information about your technology.

3. You are available for hackathon participants to contact you (via chat, email, or phone) and ask questions about your technology and get feedback.

OPTIONAL: Join the hackathon jury, who selects the winning concepts and teams of the hackathon.

How wo become a organizational partner of the hackathon? Please, send email or send text message to +358503109657. We can then have a quick online meeting and discuss the details of your participation.

Some of our key Epic Challenge Joensuu partners during 2015 - 2020

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