It's gonna be Epic!

Epic Challenge Competition

Epic Challenge International Competition 2019

Taitaja19, 21st of May, Joensuu ice hockey hall

First Epic Challenge International Competition (EPIC) 2019 will be held during the Taitaja event, 21st of May! It’s a one-day event with two types of competitions:

Category I
Competition Category I is for teams, who have worked for weeks on developing a novel solution to any epic challenge of their choice (What is an “epic challenge”?) In the competition they get to present their work and findings to a jury, that’ll evaluate them based on their accomplishments and presentation.
Competition rules and registration can be found here!

Winners will be rewarded with gift cards!

Category II
Competition Category II is for anyone interested in innovation. Multidisciplinary teams build prototypes and compete against each other in a series of short, hands-on innovation challenges. The challenges will be kept secret until the competition, but we can reveal this: they require a lot of building, testing and smart ideas! This category started as collaboration between companies and universities, and was inspired by NASA’s Robot Mining Competitions. Registration does not require any prior preparations from the contestant – simply register with a team or as an individual, and show up! The event will take place in Joensuu ice hockey hall.
Registration form:

Best teams will be rewarded with gift cards!

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